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Cheapest 2007 Vw Golf Plus 1.4 Petrol engine

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Engine Code : BLN
Engine Code : BCA
Engine Code : BUD
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Log Book - Model 4 - VW GOLF PLUS 1400 cc 05-09    (05-09)  FSI  ALL BODY TYPES

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  • You need to confirm the engine type of your vehicle before you order your parts online.
  • Confirm your vehicle looks the same as the picture provided.
  • Confirm your engine looks the same as the one in the picture.
  • Confirm the engine code matches the one on your V5c registration document (logbook)
  • Confirm the engine code matches the code on the vehicle identification plate (vin plate) located in your vehicle.
  • Although vehicle options may seem the same, please look carefully using pictures and highlighted information to select your exact vehicle and engine type
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