Rebuilt BMW M5 Engines

Rebuilt BMW M5 engines Rebuilt BMW M5 Engine

Rebuilt BMW M5 Engine

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BMW BMW M5 Engines S85-B50A Average rating: 5 4 2250
BMW BMW M5 Engines 508S1 / M70-B50 Average rating: 5 4 995
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
S85-B50A 5.0 Litre 5000 cc Petrol V TYPE 10 CYLINDER N/A 2004-2010 £ 2250
508S1 / M70-B50 5.0 Litre 5000 cc Petrol V TYPE 12 CYLINDER N/A 1998-2003 £ 995

  • Used low mileage, new and reconditioned units available
  • Competitive prices with wide range of options
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  • Warranty up to 24 months
  • Nationwide delivery

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We are here to offer you the most superior quality rebuilt BMW M5 engines, our inventory keeps on updating in real time, we offer:
  • Engine Rebuilding in Our Own Factory
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff
  • Experienced Workforce
  • Discounted prices
  • Fitting or Delivery
  • Free valet
  • Nationwide and International Delivery
  • UK Based Sales Team
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The exact cost varies according to the extent of work needed to rebuild, to find out the price of your rebuilt BMW M5 engine, fill in the form above now.