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BMW BMW 120d Engines 204D4 / M47-D20 Average rating: 5 4 595
BMW BMW 120d Engines N47D20A / N47-D20 Average rating: 5 4 795
BMW BMW 120d Engines N47D20A / N47-D20 Average rating: 5 4 795
Engine Code CC Size Fuel Number of Cylinders Aspiration Fits Price
204D4 / M47-D20 2.0 Litre 2000 cc Diesel 4 CYLINDER INLINE Turbo 2004-2007 £ 595
N47D20A / N47-D20 2.0 Litre 2000 cc Diesel 4 CYLINDER INLINE Turbo 2007-2011 £ 795
N47D20A / N47-D20 2.0 Litre 2000 cc Diesel 4 CYLINDER INLINE Turbo 2007-2011 £ 795

  • Used low mileage, new and reconditioned units available
  • Competitive prices with wide range of options
  • Save up to 50% on online deals
  • Warranty up to 24 months
  • Nationwide delivery

Powerful BMW 120d used and reconditioned engines at economical prices

BMW introduced this fuel efficient yet powerful car engine in their 1 series. 63 mpg average, 0-62 in 7.2seconds and maximum speed of 142 mph, this turbo charged inline 4-cylinder engine with diesel as its primary fuel, when coupled with rear wheel drive stiffened chassis and BMW handling prowess, is an absolute pleasure to drive.

Diesel engines are tough to break down and can go on for years if kept with care. Any engine can experience faults and problems after a while due to wear and tear and negligent driving style. If the problem is a persistent one and would cost a lot to repair, then you are better off going for replacement engine. Let’s delve into options as how we can find an engine with economical prices.

Different Engine Replacement Choices to Suit Your Budget

Typically, there are three different choices when it comes to replacing your BMW engine. First and the obvious one is the new BMW 120d engine that can ensure problem free miles for a long time. Down side of buying a brand-new engine is that you end up paying huge sums when compared to the other options that you have for engine replacement. A better alternative is to go for used BMW 120d engine. A used engine is a choice that is way cheaper than the new one but it comes with its own risks. Without any prior knowledge and technical knowhow, there are chances that you may end up with a substandard engine that may have problems of its own. There is a safer choice that is reconditioned BMW 120d engine. it is a slightly used engine that has all the suspect parts replaced with brand new quality parts so this engine, while as good as a new one, is way more economical.

Pursuit of 100% Customer Satisfaction

We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction and for that purpose we provide written warranty to every engine that is sold on our portal. This not only give them peace of mind but also an opportunity that in case there is any problem with the engine within the specified time period, they can come in for free service and parts without any problem. Warranty start with 6 months and can go up to 12 months depending on the condition of the power unit. You can save huge amounts when choosing a recon engine instead of new ones.

We can Deliver the Engine at your Doorstep

In order to facilitate our customers, we provide a fast and reliable delivery service that promises to deliver the engine at the doorstep of your desired location. If you are looking to find a place for fitting the replacement engine then you are at the right place, we can provide you that service as well with excellent results.