What We Offer

We offer Reconditioned, Second Hand Used Engines and Gearboxes

Our Second Hand unit Description:

  • Sourced from low mileage vehicles.
  • Compression tested.
  • Cleaned.
  • 6 month unlimited mileage warranty.

Our Reconditioned Unit Description:

  • Units sourced from low mileage vehicles.
  • Engine blocks throughly cleaned and surfaces treated.
  • Engine Block Surfaces Machined Flat.
  • Tolerances checked on wearable items.
  • Oil pumps inspected or replaced where needed.
  • Cylinder heads skimmed or replaced where needed.
  • New OEM oil seals installed.
  • New OEM valve seals fitted.
  • Valve seats machined.
  • Valves lapped to ensure a tight seal.
  • Block cylinders inspected for cracks.
  • New cylinder liners fitted.
  • Cylinders machined to factory specs.
  • New uprated gas nitride piston rings fitted.
  • Connecting rods inspected and machined where necessary.
  • Crankshaft crack tested, ground and polished to specifications.
  • New OEM big end bearings fitted.
  • New OEM main bearings fitted.
  • New OEM spec Eristic head gasket fitted.
  • All bolts torqued to OEM specs according to Autodata.
  • Assembled units oil pressure tested.
  • Assembled units compression tested.

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