Before You Install

Read them out

It is imperative that before you install a replacement engine into your vehicle you find what caused the original unit to fail.

Many different things can contribute to the life of your new engine, without finding the reason the original unit failed you run the risk of shortening the life of your replacement unit and voiding your warranty.

When replacing an engine it is important to set both the original unit and the replacement unit side by side to verify the unit is correct before fitting. Concentrate on key areas, as in engine mount holes and placement of sensors on both units.

While the unit is on the floor it is also down to the mechanic to look over the exterior of the engine throughly before installing, a brief visual inspection now will save quite a bit of hassle if an exterior seal was either damaged in shipping or has started to deteriorate from sitting on the shelf in our warehouse. if there are any faults found on the unit you were sent then do not procede to fit it. call us first and we will confirm the problem and give you a direction to go in order to sort things out quickly and efficiently.

While many of our units come with sensors or pumps attached, they are not covered by the warranty and we recommend replacing these with the units from your original engine or replacing with new where needed.

  • Our reconditioned engines come with a full 6 month mechanical warranty.
  • Our second hand engines come with a full 3 month mechanical warranty.
  • Unit must be installed by a trained professional.

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