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Android is ready to take over your vehicles with driving-optimised technology

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Android is ready to take over your vehicles with driving-optimised technology

Android Moved into cars shade

Android Driving-Optimised experience technology is a counter attack from Google in response to Apple’s “In Car iOS”

• Driving-optimised technology
• Safer and enjoyable driving experience
• Advanced In-Car Connectivity

Google has announced its new partnership with world’s automobile manufacturing giants including General Motors, Audi, Honda and Hyundai and processing chip manufacturer Nvidia, in order to bring android systems to vehicles later this year. They announced this partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and declare that the new infotainment system will endow the drivers and passengers with dashboard-mounted access to music, direction-finding, apps and several other services that are available on Android Smart-phones. Android claims this new feature will fashion a “driving-optimized” experience to formulate the driving safer, easier and more pleasurable for everybody.

It is a counter attack from Google in response to Apple’s iOS recently introduced in the vehicles that allow users to connect their iPhone devices to an in car display but the Android system is featuring more sophisticated and advanced with everything independently installed on an Android device. General Motors, Honda, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are enjoying the partnership through “iOS in the Car” with apple. Though these features are not yet available with cars but Apple says that it will be available soon and there are gossips that “iOS in Car” could be part of the next iOS 7 software update. Some cars made are offering the iOS in Car system right now; these cars include Chevrolet Spark, and some Sonic cars. These are come with the Siri Eyes Free technology which is accessible through a push button mounted on the steering wheel that allows drivers to access certain iPhone voice commands. In the automobile industry, the “In car Technology” is a hot topic and the demand for connectivity technology is also growing. The Chicago Auto Show is hosting an entire conference on the in car connectivity technologies, called Connected World Conference. It is a platform which will showcase technologies, products and services related to In-Car Connectivity.

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